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Thursday, November 4, 2010

.:Still Life:. Freebie Poses.

~ SOOOO Phoenix viewer kept crashing last night which means I couldn't post this cute little blog post~

With my new way of taking pictures I needed the right poses to do so.
I traveled far and wide in my search to find the perfect kind of poses within my budget.

I came across a tiny store named ".:Still Life:." which specializes mostly in poses and shapes.

On a table when you walk into the store there is 2 freebies
Left- Crumbling Walls
Right- Overboard

These 2 cute poses are simple, adorable and I didnt have to worry about the complications with my dress...though I can't keep my balance well =:o

I bought a couple packs of their poses within the 65L-85L, not all worked with the dress but I LOVE them non the less and cant wait to use them in future work.

Left- One More Night
Right- Quick and Bad and Bones
( From the LOVE set )

*Note: Dress is a new purchase from Rotten Toe 80L
and I spray tanned...orange it seems..:D*

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