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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*{Kiko Life}* Eyeshadow Overhaul


Due to this next post it took me 2 days to create because I was feeling lazy /planning my wedding/ just being lazy

This post is gonna be a big picture overhaul..so enjoy it because each eyeshadow tattoo layer is amazing and *{Kiko Life}* did an exceptional job so I thought this blog post would be an excellent review piece.

They spoiled me rotten, let me tell you.

NOTE: The skin I am wearing has it's own makeup on it, so eyeshadow layers might be alittle lighter...freckly goodness for the win!

So first I noticed that I got some older stuff. November 2010 MM board / lucky chair tattoo eyeshadow layers

These ones are for good group people "4500/5000"
( congrats btw on all the people in your group joiner )

I realllllllllllyyyyyyyyy like the first one the pink is beautiful and the blush really makes the freckles more accented...she looks like a hot mess.

These are some of their gothic eyeshadow layers which are some of my favorites
( my avatar is currently wearing Black Widow)
Quirked Sets: Black Widow and Bride of Chaotica

Then we go into the ligher shades
Berry Baby in Blush and Red Bliss in Sophisticated

I like the first one how the lips and the eyeshadow are kind of identical but also how the lips are fair bit darker and the second one didnt really work well with this particular skin but I love love love the eyeshadow on it and will use it further in my blogging years.

Wounded- Liar Liar and Bitch Mama- Poison

I adore the Wounded set Liar Liar for it's drama look making the tears look real, the lips are ruby ruby red which will take a bit to get use to but I love it. Bitch Mama ( besides the oober awesome name ) this shade doesnt go well with my pasty butt but like the Red Bliss set I will use it again in future blogger years.

There was alot alot alot more eyeshadows that I didnt get snap: Wild Cocoa, Chocolate Dreams, Beaute, they were mostly dark browns which drowned out my pale avatar but would look fabulous with darker toned or tanned bodies..

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