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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

>>> moloko <<< / Heartsick/ *{Kiko Life}*

Happy Snowed In Wednesday :)
Got the day off of work.
got creative.

moloko has sent me some awesome jackets in gray and black called " Criss Cross". The jacket has an emblem on it that has a skull and criss cross sort of design and blown up to be bigger on the back, it makes the jacket a bit more edgy.

The sexy factor on it is also amazing baring stomach and worked perfect to show off your belly button so you can accessorize with a cute spike belly button ring.

The jacket has primmed cuffs and collar that are easy to edit if your like me ( I am oober short ) and the collar needed some resizing but if your of average stature then you will be fine.

Heartsick's Spirit Teaser- I have had this small pleasure pack for awhile now and I have put together every possible outfit with it and I got to say, I am smitten with it. Being the pasty girl I am I decided to make a challenge and use the Cassis color which is a darker brown, so I am a ethnic girl now ^_^.
If your in the
Heartsick group you are certain to get this pleasure teaser pack and are able to test it out and give it a bit ol' hug.
Why I love this skin so much is mostly because I love freckles and not only does Heartsick provide endless options to choose from ( cleavage, none, freckles, none etc etc. ), she even put a tiny bit makeup, but you are able to see it. Some people might not like the hinting of green in the under eye effect but me personally, I love anything bright and can basically b
e matched to whatever I will it to be matched with..No boundaries.

Yesterday the owner of *{Kiko Life}* contacted me with a good job well done and she even gave me this awesome eyeshadow.
Since I am an ethnic beauty this day in time I decided to sport it and I might say it looks pretty dashing..

Make a silly face time.

Style Card:
Hair- Magika
Belly ring
- +DV8+

- Sn@tch

Makeup ( Last pic )
- *{Kiko Life}*

- Rasetsukoku

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