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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*{Kiko Life}* Musica Set....Lets Make Sweet Musica

If your not a fan of *{Kiko Life}* then look away because this is another blog on the never before seen make-up that is coming out, and possibly the prettiest designs yet.

* intermission music *

So here is the brand spanking never before seen " Musica Set" ( shhh maybe someone else has seen it ), color previews.

This first one you may or may not remember or probley have if your part of the group, for this is the VIP group freebie for 5500 Member!!! Congrats Osuntomi and everyone who subscribed to her awesome store.

On with the previews..

Treble Clef // Violin

Notes//Styled Treble


Each color comes with a beautiful music inspired design in varies of colors and in each set comes a default tattoo layer, eyeshadow layer and lip stick layer so you can take off and add on what you wish.

Style Card:

Hair- Bad Juju
Shirt- SU!
*{Kiko Life}*

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  1. That hair is far out!! Liking it... will check them out! Thanks for the feature post! Bless!