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Monday, January 24, 2011

*{Kiko Life}* Heart Set...I want a Valentine!

*{Kiko Life}* has came out with a new set of make-ups called " Heart set".
They are beautiful styles of colors, shapes and happiness built into one.
Not to mention perfect for the Valentine's Day season coming up.

So here is the Picture pile....

Tokyo Red is a basic dark red scenario with a heart plastered by the eye, smokey red textures and a dark red lip..mmm kissable lips.

Falling Hearts and Passion Play are not all in the same but both have striking lipstick details mixed with unique eyeshadow play. Ever had a broken heart? Well then Falling Hearts is for you, its design is different then most I have seen around with heart scribbles and dark red eyeshadow. Passion Play is for those people who are ready to take the step into love's balance..

Cupid's Bow and Dark Heart are the two back to back comparison and basically to me like the light and dark of Valentines Day. Both have rosey cheeks and darkened lips in heart shaped varieties.

Style Card:
Hair: Bad Juju
Shirt: !SU!
Make-up : *{Kiko Life}*

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