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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hunter vs. Hunted.

I am sorry I am alittle dentist loopy.

Tomorrow is Saturday and you know what that means...The Seasons Hunt- Spring Edition is upon us and that means all you hunters are gonna have to find a bee ( like on my head), I turned this bee into my own personal fashion statement.
" Hello Mr. Bee, how is the weather up there? "

Concrete Flowers let her bloggers have the bee for free ( bee for free hehe I rhyme ) and the prize was this awesome natureistic necklace that has a tree inside the charm. This tree is super ego friendly and doesn't even required to be watered, just give it alot of love.

I also took advantage of the new skins from SHINE, I really love sporting the red lip look. It looks super kawaii when you put the tooth makeup layer on it, I am ready to become a bunny in no time ( which gives me a great idea for Easter ).
Their are other skin colors ( lip colors rather ) which are in another version I did for Glance International and like I how the lip colors are very glossy and some are very matte, I really wish the blogger pack came with more skin tones, because I am not a very tan person so I couldnt get into the way I wanted to but I am happy with the results and will be using this skin in the future.

Oh Look Here is what I am wearing-

Outfit by: Sassy!

Skin by: SHINE

Necklace by: Concrete Flowers

Hair by: Magika

Vest by: Rotten Toe

Eyes by: Negaposi

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