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Saturday, April 16, 2011

100% Dollie Or Future Jazzersizer

+++BLUEBLOOD+++ has shown themselves what they are made of by putting out these stylish babydoll looking dresses called " Tahiti ", and I decided I would take advantage of all this cuteness and make a look soley based upon a babydoll. ( I also decided my pictures come out better when they are raw verses all that editing. )
Comes with different styles to satisfy everyone and even many different layers to put some of your favorite looks together. I decided to go with the cream set to make my skin tone a bit more vibrant and healthy..
Dont miss your chance to get the black versions which came out a week before the white sets, and always check out the group possiblities to get an outfit cheaper then everyone else. * wink *

I got this beautiful hair from Beautiful Dirty Rich called " Roxanna" ( there is another one that is a ponytail version called Ivanna ) and this hairstyle to me makes the look complete because of it's fullness that makes me think about the 80's a bit, if it doesnt work as your perfect babydoll look you can always turn it into a rocker type hairstyle...or even better...Jazzersize..( whatever that is. ) In all serious-ness I will be using this hair more often, specially since it comes in many other shades for you to work with so you will never be in a bind when it comes to choosing haircolors..except choosing which one you like the best.

OH MY..here is what I am wearing....

Hair by: Beautiful Dirty Rich Roxanna

Outfit by: +++BlueBlood+++ Also comes in black copies

Collar by: Bad Juju

Eyes by: Negaposi

Shoes by: A-BOMB

Hairpiece by: WishBox

Skin by: Heartsick ” Spirit” Cassis

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