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Monday, April 11, 2011

Im a Garden Hoe.

Hello, just standing here in this garden using my hoe on my leg and some pottery on my hip.

Oh? like my toes, I am doing the " all natural " thing. This outfit is inspired by Returned Karma and she always has a knack of making simple items become works of art. I dont know anybody else who would put a shovel as part of a legwarmer..well now I do.

" Diggem Slave " this outfit is called and it makes me want to go straight to work, digging holes and such. This outfit is a Sunday special color which if you havent gotten it by now you will never get this color in purple, but don't you fret because RK has many colors for you to work with.

Do you like this blade of grass? It sure is tastey.

I also took a chance on this Simply Britnee Hair called " elle " ( which would make me rant about how come most hair is named after people, I really would love to see a hair called " feet " or " toaster", just saying ), I love how the hair doesnt clash with the outfit and it did not need to be modified because that is a chore that I do not love to do. Elle comes in many different shades about 20 if I counted correctly, so don't waste any time to pick up this purchase.

OH HAY...I wear this.

Outfit by: Returned Karma

Hair by: Simply Britnee Hair

Note: This is a note to tell you I am not gonna post the poses I use anymore for the fact I have a Hud called " Easy Pose " in which I jam all the poses I like into a contraption and it does the work for me. If it is a post about poses the person will be named ( I typed out naked first he he ) along with the names of the poses. All poses places I go to are on the side bar and usually when I buy new poses I incorporated them in the blog.

Thank you! :D

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