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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Creation of a Rambler

So this post has a variety of new things, I just want to tell you about..

I recieved a blogger box from Kazuo and this is a continuation piece on what I thought about it.
The jackets are super awesome and I like that they come with puffy sleeves, since I know you guys longer then the other blog I post for let me tell you, you have seen my posts...I NEVER WEAR JACKETS..Mostly because I cant find a good one to wear. This jacket is super awesome besides the " line on the chest " dellima. I will wear this jacket alot around in SL and you will have to pry it out of my pixelated hands..

The hair is from Magika called " Hana" I think it is still the new hair of the moment since I haven't seen anything about the birds word with her latest creation, so till then I am gonna say this is the new hair. I love how it cascades to one side and my boyfriend told me that I looked like a cyclops. My Magika hair collection still continues to grow.
From the blog I did at Glance International because I dont feel like writing it over segment ::

"This is the first blog with my new shape from -SU- called “Elle” for 300L. For quite sometime I have wanted a new shape because I wanted an avi with a fuller face, I guess with this shape I get that and a bit more then I bargained for. This shape has everything I wanted fuller face, pouty lips and fuller legs, one thing I still can’t get over and maybe that is my downfall for buying a shape that is NO MOD…the eyes. For some reason I am on edge because of the eyes, not only do they seem a bit too squinty but I can’t see her eyecolor anymore."
I am slowly but surely starting to love it more and more, but I am use to having big bug eyes so the transition is slow.

Jacket and Dress by Kazuo

Shape by -SU-

Shoes by {Favole} ( They are from a halloween hunt )

Hair by Magika * NEW* Hana

Nails by RezIpsa Loc

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