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Friday, April 29, 2011

Totes Suits and Hair

So today is 50L Friday and I decided to pick up some yummy items that only you can see SHHHH * pulls you closer *

First off I want to say that I am not a bathing suit kind of girl, I usually prefer a tee shirt and some shorts if I am lucky...Hey I just hate the sun so why go out in it I say.
Anyways before I go off topic with my own rants, this is the 50L bathing suit from This is a Fawn in a salmon color that I had to pair with a fair haired child.
Not only do they have another color in a Navyish color but this bathing suit can suit people of all ages from the wee youngyans to the older generation with it's vintage styling that bares just the right amount without being slutty. Who does not want that right?
It also comes in many layers and even a tattoo layer so you can put it under clothing, over clothing, anywhere your body has room for!

Also I had to pick up this Tiny Bird 50L Krissy Krissy hair because I am sad to say that their store is closing and I didnt even get to sample all of their wears...Well darn me for not knowing about them sooner. Not only does this hair make me happy because of it's quality but the colors are refreshing and I love curls, specially short curls that remind me of movie stars.
Krissy Krissy has two different blondes ( sandy and natural ) so go pick them up now before you can't...


A-BOMB has let everyone have a taste of what Summer is gonna be instore with her 100L totes. Check out these awesome pictures::
Now for a raw unedited picture of what my favorite one was ( Cue sexy music )

I wear this when your not looking::

Hair: Tiny Bird

Bags: A-BOMB 100L

Outfit: This is a Fawn

Bracelets: Artilleri ( who is also apart of the 50L Friday )

Skin: Heartsick

Sandals: A-BOMB

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