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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sneaky Peaky Moon

Enjoy all the pictures.

This blog is a snippet of the new Heartsick skin " Dream" in the shade Spirit. ( If I got all that right ). Comes in many different styles battling betweet: Freckles and Chest Sizes.
She also included some pretty nifty things like a tattoo on the pelvic bone that says " When there is love, there is also hope ". When I saw that I started to giggle stating " I have love and hope on my vagina"
There is also a teefys makeup layer, which Heartsick seems to know is my ultimate weakness for my nerdy exterior. So I had to ultimately sport it.
Inside the blogger review there is also a shape called Emma and 2 different alpha layers that I haven't been able to run around with yet.

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