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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sn@tch cant be used in a sentence

So this is my little review for a bunch load of Snatch items that were passed down to my little head.
I made 3 different looks using certain new items from the Snatch line.
( I will not post a list of wearing items so if you want to know what I am wearing contact me in a comment below )

First off these beautys are called " Summer Romance Crochet Tanks ", they come in a light vs dark variety ( I put them together in any order ). These are only a few colors that come in each but each pack has 8 colors in it and are flowing, beautiful and comes in layers of many.
Nextly I fell in love with these "Dogma Skirts" which also comes in 8 different colors. Be warned that their is gonna be some modding needed and maybe some underblooms because it doesnt come with any...dont want your ya ya hanging out there. Once the skirt is ready for your body shape you will be ready for the day.

Lastly I wanted to do a darker look which ended up being a bit bad for the lighting because you dont see the outfit's full potential but this is the " Milla Net Shirts " avaliable in also 8 dark colors. It comes in many layers, underblooms and even hosery. I also find it fun to go into the newbie mature land places and dance on poles for extra cash, wearing this awesome outfit of course.

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