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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lelutka Breeze Gift

So this is a quick simple post on a beautiful gift given by the talented Lelutka ( which took me centuries to spell out right ). I decided to go exploring with it and I found a cave that turned out to have bears in it which I didnt notice till the very end, but enough about that.This gift from Lelutka is a full outfit inspired by the beach and comes with::

-A hair/hat in 8 different colors: Coalmine,Firetop,Glucose,It'sNotGinger,JustDone,Metal,Sweeden, and WalnutWhip ( Such inventive names )
- A shawl like bottom with a primmed tie, form fitting and I didnt have to mod a thing so it should work on all bodies...less you have a big booty.
- You also have a bikini bottom and top that doesnt match at all..but I love the irony of it so much...The bottom is a trippy dark blue color.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Dont forget to pick up your Lelutka gift

What I am wearing::
Skin:: JeSyLiLO ( Arabin )
Bracelet:: KOSH
Outfit:: Lelutka
Shoes:: A-BOMB
Glasses:: +DV8+ ( Only pair I got )

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