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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fashionably Late Late Late

Fashionably Late

I have been wearing these Intrique co. glasses for a couple days now and I cant get them off...they are like happy fun filled stuck to my brain. They are bright orange/teal and pink but they also animate. Gotta love animating anything. 100L

Also, in the Fashionably Late venue is this cute dress from RIDDLE which comes in two colors of course I chose the brighter of the two ( even though I had nothing to go with it )...it also comes in black and red and in many many different layers.

Style Card::

Shoes:: Sn@tch
Skin:: Haut.Monde
Glasses: Intrique co.
Hair:: Truth
Outfit: RIDDLE
First Pic Pose: Glitterati

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