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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Al Vulo Adventure Time

 Al Vulo

Al Vulo is one of those skin stores where I never actually appreciate what they have to offer, or maybe I have been gone too long and my brain has turned to mush, I totally forgot all about this gentle skin that I collected once. Though I forgot how I got this skin or if I blogged it ( bad bad Harley ), I do have to say it is my favorite skin of this season.

It's suddle pale lip color draws me in with porcelain milky skin which must be why it is called " Miha soleil milk " ( milk is good for the body according to this skin..heh )
Anyways, back to my reclaim of skin glory tale...I ended up traveling to the store to see what else they had in "store" for me. They have an adorable fawn inspired skin as a group gift.

I did not end up receiving this gift as the quota seem to be full 
" No free memory contacting the owner. Unable to proceed- Aborting "
 ( It's alright I'll scoop you up tomorrow you beauty )


 Skin : Al Vulo
Shirt : ABOMB
Suspenders : Paradisis
Eyes : Negaposi
Hair : Magika
Nails : Sn@tch
Bracelets : +DV8+
Necklace : Violent Seduction 
( it is one of those necklaces you don't take off, which includes the heart necklace )

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