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Friday, June 29, 2012

Designer Circle & Pirate Arts

 Designer Circle & Pirate Arts 

Arg me booty!


So lately I haven't been in the bloggity blog blog mood but I have goodies to share and limited time to share them.

Designer's Circle is around again till July 3rd  and I am wearing a couple of cute things from the many different sponsors who are participating this week.
 Kennedy- Hair Bow ( HUD changing bow )
Grafftiwear - Blue& Pink, Gray& Blue Plaid Pants ( other colors )
Mu-Shi-Doll - Glitter Line Dress  

I also got this new skin as a group gift from JeSyLiLO  "Summer" with it's deep red lipstick and dark eyeshadow, I love it so much so I will be wearing it more often.

=Pirate Arts= gave me alot of neat stuff to showcase with you all and I have to
Pin-up Beach Boots are flashy, red and sexy.
Bandana Boots are pink and black and goes with alot of my clothes..They are so darn cute!.

I also love this mesh Surft face shirt which comes in gray and pink, it does not come with an alpha but I find if you wear the biggest without your fleshy hanging out then your golden.

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