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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twins Fashion & Sweet Distractions

 Twins Fashion & Sweet Distractions

Mesh Mesh Mesh Mesh :D

I have fallen head over heels for Twins Fashion as time after time provided me with a giddy school like noise from me for their mesh attire.
This time around the Twins Fashion mini skirt has got me in submission with it's deep color tones and the fact that it is mesh of course. 
Colors it comes in:: Black, White, Pink, Red, Grey, Blue, Brown
Sizes:: 1-7 ( I am a 3 )

Before I fan myself and overheat there is also a beautiful mesh jacket from Sweet Distractions which comes with alphas for your boob size ( 40 for me ) and sizes XXS to L. It also comes with standard sizing shapes but I didn't tap into them yet cause small is who I am.


Shirt - Concrete Flowers ( bieber fever shirt..lol)
Bow- Kenny's
Bracelets - +DV8+ ( closed )
Shoes - Sn@tch
Hair - Magika ( Mesh )
Eyes - Negaposi ( only brand I use )
Skin - Pinkfuel
Necklace - Violent Seduction ( one of two necklaces I wear usually )

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