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Friday, June 1, 2012

Chloe / Cupcakes


Betsy Dress - A fun flowing primmed skirt dress that I found in a LUCKY board while browsing.
I love the color ( which I don't have alot of tealish blues ) and I love the black embroidery at the top.

I had one problem with the outfit and it was the primmed skirt, it isn't that I don't like it, it is the fact that now with all the mesh that is out there it is hard to top it.
BUT..you have to try the dress without the primmed skirt the Spandex underneath is great with a corset and boots. ( wish I had a picture was playing around with it last night)

Chloe Without You - I am obsessed with skins and Heartsick is one of the tops on my list. Without You is a teary eyed skin waiting for you to snatch it up and give it a hug. ( They also give you a note card explaining about the skin so I don't have to go looking *is lazy* )
10 tones to choose from ( wearing Sugar ) 
I am very happy that they chosen to make makeup (6 different shades + 6 others on the way ) on the skins cause I hate searching for makeup to put on which can really dramatically change the skin. It sticks to the original concept of the skin which I admire ideally.

For 750L each skin includes::
3 cleavage options
Freckle options
Brows or No Brows ( that is the question!!)
TWO modifiable shapes

Fatpacks are also available for 3000L which includes ALL TONES and MAKEUPS
( sounds pretty sweet to me )


Dress : Cupcakes
Pose : Still Life
Fishnet : Beautiful Dirty Rich ( god i love those stockings )
Necklace & Bracelet : KOSH
Necklace 2 : Violent Seduction 
Eyes : Negaposi ( their eyes are to die for )
Hair : TRUTH
Shoes : Lassitude & Ennui ( they were a hunt item )

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