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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silly Little Workout

 Excuse me...I think I need to workout my mind.

So I started off trying to work out, I was prepped in my new mesh shirt ::EM:: (Envyme) which sported my new favorite phrase " I'm sexy and I know it " and I basically got as far as the locker room before I started to sweat..I am not a very physical being.

 So I came home and laid down to take a nap, nothing like burning calories in your sleep.
 Also sporting ::EM::'s mesh ripped Capri pants and Wave mesh green belly tank that says " Young wild and free ".

I also enjoy showing off my bra that is my favorite from ::EM:: that comes in a flower pattern of green and pink, my ultimate favorite two colors.


All clothes by:: Envyme 
Hair:: Magika
Hair bow:: TRUTH
Bracelets:: A gift made for me
Eyes: <<>>
Skin: .::Beautycode::.
Glasses:: Rotten Toe
Nails:: Sexy Mama
Lipstick:: Cherry Killer

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