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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dandelion Wine Cats

 Dandelion Wine LOTD

Today isn't my normal blogging hours so I don't have much to blog about nor did I put together some giant awesome piece for you. Soon though with more of DandelionWine's creations. I got a huge blogger pack of their work and I am so impressed with it, that I just had to show you a little bit of what is to come.
This awesome Kaftan My Cats pink mesh shirt is absolutely adorable and long enough to make into a...well "tasteful" dress.


Bow : Kennedy's 
Mouth : [soap]
Hair : Magika
Bracelet : KOSH
Watch : Cute Bytes
Rings : KOSH & {R a n g s}
Boots : Maitreya
Stockings : Rotten Toe
Garters : BlueBlood
Skin :  Haut.Monde

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