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Thursday, July 5, 2012

LOTD - Rebel Zombie

 Look Of The Day

rebel zombie

 Recently I bought a new game called The Secret World...basically a horror mmorpg and I cant stop playing it. It is super scary and has lots of zombies on it. So this is my girly zombie look since I lost my creative outfit putting together juices...the zombies must have took it away from me.

 *le shock* 

I would like to however make a shout out to Cute Bytes who mostly make children's clothes/trinkets but with my short avatar I cant complain. I love love love the playful jewelry and specially the hand puppets ( featured in my other blog yesterday ). Now I have a game boy also from Cute Bytes which is another typing animation item. 

Also, this skin I am wearing...right here on my body...is the skin from Cupcakes Midnight Mania Board...so make sure you click it to win it.


Glasses :: FIR & MNA
Rings :: Leo-Nt & LouLou&Co
Stockings :: Concrete Flowers
Game Boy :: Cute Bytes
Bow :: Kennedy's 
Freckles :: CheLLe
Eyes :: Negaposi
Bracelets :: +DV8+
Nails :: Sexy Mama's
Necklaces :: Cute Bytes & Violent Seduction
Shoes :: Sn@tch
Hair :: Wasabi Pills
Shirt:: BeautyKiller
Shorts :: +DV8+ 
Skin :: Cupcakes
Poses :: Posies

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