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Monday, July 23, 2012

Whats Wrong with your Goodies?


I have lots of them today to point out, prod and scream to the hills of my broken heart.

To kick this off blog their is a new scene in town called Midweek Madness although a new start I was able to snag these awesome " Dream " pants by Kennedy's. Pants come in Pink, Seafoam Green, Teal and Yellow and has a pose stand with it for any further adjustments.

I am in love with this new store that doesnt get the proper credit she deserves, [NoRe!] is accessorie heaven. She let me blog a couple of her selections not to mention she has a 1 money pill corner. I raided that as well. 
Blindfolds galore is what I wanted the most of, right now I am currently wearing " * - * " blindfold which gives me crazy like anime eyes which goes with my even more crazy look.
Leg & Armband that has little bells on them, I am not sure if they jingle cause I dont keep my sound on SL on, but I love how delicate and innocent they look. ( 1L )
Doughnut Bracelet is so cute and fun and I love the way they look ( 1L )
 A couple days ago I got these awesome "Odamae " shoes from ArisAris. I never owned a pair of wedge heel shoes before and now I can say I have, they are pretty impressive and comes with a HUD which you can change the usual skin tone and nail and very easy to make it any color you want..even pastey white like myself.

In the first picture their is a sexy tat on my lower stomach, thank the talented Liquid Honey for making me love it so much, I never loved a tat as much as this one...just because I feel so weird when I put them on..Comes in an undergarment layer, pants layer and tattoo layer.


MOUTH: [soap]
LIPSTICK: Heartsick
PUPPETS: Cute Bytes
TOP: haut.monde
PANTS: Kennedy's
TATTOO: Liquid Honey
SKIN: [Matrioska]
SHOES: ArisAris

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