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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Store Favorite : Dimbula Rose

Store Favorite : Dimbula Rose

So this is a small post about a beautiful place that makes my knees weak. Dimbula Rose is a skin/lolita/Alice in wonderland shop that makes absolutely beautiful things. Their scenery is breathtaking and each floor captures a scene from Alice in Wonderland, from the bottom floor which has a tea set to the top which has the hall of cards and some lucky boards.

 On those lucky boards their is two different skins to win: Noon Porter and Attendants of the night skin ( that one is a dosey to say ). I was able to snag Noon Porter in no time, and let me tell you Dimbula Rose can make beautiful fabulous award winning skins. I am in love with it. Although porcelain in design her skins have many endearing qualities to them from the lock on her back, butterflies on her body ( back calf and left thigh ) and a key around her neck.
Since I had a group tag I was able to grab up this baby doll dress " Card Opi ", I never been much into baby doll dresses for they make me look like a balloon, but this dress makes me look super innocent and has a illusion like effect to it whenever you move around. Also as of last night I took off the prim skirt and walked around without it and it looks cute as a onesy too.


MOUTH: [ soap ]
RING: Concrete Flowers
BOW: Kennedy's
SHOES: Pirate Arts
EYES: Rotten Toe
HAIR: Wasabi Pills
SKIN: Dimbula Rose
DRESS: Dimbula Rose

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