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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Black Market -Deer you Are!

 The Black Market is around town this month with it's super cute clothes and tons of options for you to choose from. Today I chosen to blog a tiny selection of the many available and then maybe some more in other blogs for the next week. ( there is alot to choose from ).
First is the poses from Focus Poses called " GUN " which is self explanatory, and have a gun prop as well, to make it more fun to me the gun is copyable so I made it for both hands, I suck at editing. Throughout this blog there is pictures, they are really cool poses.

[trs] made this cute " Grandpa's Cardigan " it is in color Vintage Rose and is mesh, this is probley the cutest cardigan I have ever had the chance to blog, it drapes over the shoulder for a smoldering sexy look, or just to make it seem like your clothes are falling off.
 This beautiful skin is by Aeva, with details out of this world, I haven't decided it if it is a deer skin or an alien skin so I turned it into a deer like skin adding more of my own deer spots to her. " ET " comes in many skin tones and inside of the pack you choose you get a selection of skin add on's like cleavage. shape, eyelashes, and teeth.


PANTS: Sn@tch
NECKLACE: Rotten Toe
MOUTH: [ soap ]
HAIR: Burley
EYES: { Phresh }
RING: Lou Lou & CO
NAILS: Sn@tch
SHOES: Smexy
TUBE TOP: 1 Hundred
SKIN: Aeva  *NEW*
POSES: Focus Poses * NEW*

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  1. Love! ♥ Thank you! And you're right, Manda's cardigan is the cutest! Sexy or falling off. haha