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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cherry Blossoms..and Sales

:: Sales ::
" Today I decided to roam around Secondlife in search of some goodies to blog about, and here is what I found."

The Zodiac event has these lovely eyes by Delusions called " Balance and Truth " for a meer 55L you can have one set of mesh eyes and for 295L ( I believe ) you can have a set of 5 or 6 mesh eyes..

[EY:NO] has a 50% sale on all older store items, the stores sim is absolutely beautiful and full of fall so checking it out is worth the sale prices included. I bought this face paint set for 33L which comes with different color strikes along the under eye. 6 colors in all.
Also bought a black shrug for 150L and it is perfect for those sexy outfits that leave your shoulders bare.

The Sea Hole has a new location of a baby store in Tableau and all her sexy "laceback tanks " are 20L in the Tableau store only!!!..104L tanktop marked down to 20L...can't go super sale more than that. Cool part is that they are transferable so your sugar daddy can buy them for you.

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