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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[trs] is my new vice.

 :: [trs] ::

" Hello!!, 
Like the title says, I now have a new store which is my go to store for mesh pants, I say this because every time I have to blog some mesh pants my butt looks bigger then my head x2, and a big butt on someone of my size is NOT very attractive. "
[trs] has a cute selection of varies mesh pants including the two down below out of the 3 I was able to blog, I took a liking mostly to the " light wash/faded " jeans since they matched my Cupcakes one shoulder shirt I got a couple months ago and never showcased. 
The " Skinnies " comes in 3 different colors ( Dark Wash/Black Wash/Light Wash ) and comes in 5 different sizes cuffed and straight leg. Each color comes in other styles as in Regular, Faded and Worn.

Also a brand new release today from [trs] as well. 
These stylish " Long boots " are amazing in suede texture and comes in 12 different colors ( 3 sampled below ). One size fits most and I would advise to try the demo first because they do not work well amongst mesh jeans from my experience..but look AHHH-MAZING with leggings. I have not had the chance to fumble around with them too much, but will do an updated blog about them in another post.


GLASSES: Artilleri
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
POSES: Everglow & Label Motion
EARS: 7 Sins
RING: Concrete Flowers
SHIRT: Cupcakes
EYES: Negaposi
HAIR: Magika
SKIN: WoW Skins
LONG BOOTS : [trs] * NEW *
PANTS: [trs] " Skinnies " * NEW *
TAIL: Lemon Tea

::2nd Picture Add-Ons::


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