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Monday, September 17, 2012

Designer Circle 37/Black Market and other Goodies

 Today's blog is dedicated to the abundance of sales that are going on right now.

:: The Dressing Room ::
[ Glow ] has made this cute mesh bow necklace that comes in a frilly shade of pink as well as this sky blue and mesh on mesh hates me but you are able to edit the necklace to which ever desired which is a huge plus for me.

:: Group Gift ::
Aeva//Heartsick has decided to spoil us all with their super Group Gift for the month of September. It is from their Yves collection, Tones 2 and 5 which are Medium tones and Medium cleavage. I really love the make up it has suddle colorful tones of blue and pinkish reds. Instant favorite.
 :: The Black Market ::
[ Sakide ] made some awesome lovely Fall Unbuttoned Jeans in black, comes with flare cuffs which now I think about it should have put them on because they would have look cute, but I am stupid of course. The jeans come in Skinny and Flare variety and have a leafy fresh print on them

:: Designer Circle 37 ::
{Co*Motion} - { I am a fashion model } poses are super cute and were used in the blog featured ( 1st and 2nd ). Comes with 6 poses of hip popping and hand placing action ^ _ ^

Phoebe- her piercings are best by far, which saying alot for the wardrobe of piercings I do not have but started to collect because of this store. It comes with a gem script and little light editing, but worth it.

[trs] is my ULTRA Favorite store this round of Designer Circle with their Fall Mesh Sweater..Comes in many different sizes with a pretty bird design.


NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
EYES: Negaposi
SHOES: ArisAris
NECKLACE: [ Glow ]  * The Dressing Room *
SKIN: Aeva//Heartsick * Group Gift *
PANTS: [SAKIDE] * The Black Market *
PIERCINGS: Phoebe  * Designer Circle 37 *
SWEATER: [trs] * Designer Circle 37 *
POSES: Co*Motion * Designer Circle 37 *

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