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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Sales Post!!! TDR/Designer Circle/The Arcade

:: The Arcade :: 

" The event where Harley spends all her money on things she does not need...like for instance..."

Not only did I fall in love with your Mouse Ears , I ended up spending 350L trying to get a bunch of different ones..and I was successful in getting some doubles..Luck of the draw right..Did I mention they are mesh? * drools * (50L each )

* Katat0nik * - put out a watch gacha with many different colors for you to choose from and trade, I ended up trying my luck and getting Candy Green. Of course the sad part is that the watch can't tell time...but it says " Hello ".

Beetlebones - ( Bottom Picture ) One word. Hamster..... Hamster Avi. I have always wanted to pretend I was a Hamtaro of the 20th century and for 100L each try you can get a full Hamster Avi with an AO that comes with it. 

( All links are placements on where they are located around the event for swifter movement )

" Sale Sale, as of now I believe the prices have dropped :o "

[ Atomic ] 's new Grace skin is a bolder version from her previous entries by adding a blue eye shadow to the mix, I am a frequent [ Atomic ] skin buyer whenever the TDR comes along and I can say with my lindens at heart I love her eyebrow shapes and how the skin looks against any of my shapes. ( 70 L )

MONS - This dress has been a popular circulating around the blogger feeds, as I have seen lately and I decided to buy it myself. MONS did not disappoint with this mesh beauty, this long sleeve dress is mesh and comes in sizes XXS- XXL, that is pretty amazing and the design on the front is pretty stellar as well. ( 70 L )

:: New ::

Pirate Arts - This store box of goodies fell into my lap as I was dressing up myself contimplating a choice of shoes. I could not stop gushing about these cowboy boots. Finished with a gloss these cowboy boots seem to make myself look different and unique which is what I like most about it. They are apart of the stores new " Rodeo " release. 

:: Designer Circle 37 ::

Tenjin - This is my first attempt with a Tenjin product, mostly cause I could never find a suitable tattoo that I could see myself wearing for a long period of time. The design of this " Shabby Chic " tattoo is an absolute key piece and without it this outfit looks lonely, the flowers are vibrant color even through the touch of fade and the tribe accent is amazing. I could see myself wearing this more often. 

:pink-insidious: - PrincessMode Vicious poses were used in the posing of this blog, ( I am not good at describing poses ). Comes with 6 poses.

.:Cheeky:. - I think these " Sweet Long Leggings " are beautiful and just what I always wanted PLAIN leggings but since I am wearing a very light skin, I think they ended up meshing into each other pretty well.

To end this very long blog with a picture of me and my friend Renee dancing, and the Hamster Dance song.


NAILS: Sn@tch
EYES: Negaposi
HAIR: Magika
EARS: [Auxiliary]  * The Arcade *
WATCH: *katat0nik* * The Arcade *
BOOTS: Pirate Arts * NEW*
SKIN: [Atomic] * The Dressing Room *
DRESS: MONS * The Dressing Room *
LEGGINGS: .:Cheeky:. * Designer Circle 37 *
TATTOO: Tenjin * Designer Circle 37 *
POSES:  :pink - insidious: * Designer Circle 37 *
HAMSTER AVI :: Beetlebones * The Arcade *

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