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Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Bat is my buddy

"Some goodies I obtained while shopped at TDR including a full outfit and a sexy skin plus other special cute items."
LWL - Complete " Ink'd " mesh outfit - Shoes/Dress/Leggings  for 70L
I love the pattern and the shoes are dangerously stunning...but more dangerous then anything.

[Atomic] - Skin - " Fall " 70L ( comes with eyebrow selections as well )
Light skin tone with a pale blue eye shadow and a fierce dark red lipstick. Always one of my favorite's in TDR

I will be showcasing more of the Knitting Circle items my next blog but I couldn't help putting on this little candy corn eating animated bat when I bought it. Take a closer look below.

PinkFuel - Candy Corn Bat - Apart of a 4 pack special for 20L ( Comes with some other Halloween related goodies )


EARRINGS: Moncheri 
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc 
EYES: Rotten Toe
SKIN: [Atomic]
BAT: Pinkfuel
CUFFS: Silentsparrow

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