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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday with Batty Ears

"So much stuff from the Knitting Circle here is my look for Sunday."

[Aura] - Helena " Coin Toss Skin " - Two Lip Options ( Rosey and Natural )
Beautiful milky textured skin with beautiful features and toning. Comes in different cleavage options.

: Paper Doll : - Juliet Shorts - Chocolate
I previously have bought other versions of this ( Pink and Blue ). They were 25L so I had to buy more of course.

[ trs ] - Autumn Long Boots 
Absolutely L-O-V-E these boots but not because I am in love with Autumn.

"As my friend Renee says " you look like a girl playing in her mother's shoes "

Pretty Liar - Dirt & Rust Hoodie - Mesh - Comes in 5 sizes and I am not exactly positive but there is mesh pants that are with this hoodie being sold, together or not together?? That is the big question. ^ _ ^;

Pretty Liar also has a new VIP group with a 50L fee with gorgeous purple boots as a group gift and their previous Grenade Free Wednesday item set out and discounted.

Purple Poses- " Carrie " - All poses in the top picture
5 different poses ( 3 are shown )


BAT EARS: *Epic*
NECKLACE: Concrete Flowers
RING: {r a n g s]
STOCKINGS: erratic

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