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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Arcade + New Stuff

 :: The Arcade ::

Just a couple more things from The Arcade before I go completely bankrupt.

Tulip created these beautiful mesh cardigans which i used as dresses because they are super long and very scandalous ( I ended up getting Dirt and Kisses )

MonCheri- These are the earrings I promised to feature in one of my other many Arcade blogs, I ended up getting the rare pack featuring the entire outfit...The earrings comes in different ways: Mesh transparent/Mesh non transparent and Flexi.

BCC had a skin gacha and I tried my luck and got [ Latte ] Helm , it is a beautiful young looking skin, which will compliment my short stature. I especially love the lips and how sultry they look.

:: Designer Circle 37::

ILAYA poses were used in the making of this blog and features cute stretches leaps. Quite a balancing act.

:: New ::

TRUTH: I was away when this first appeared and got it last night when I hopped on SL. " Sam " is a short haired and a breath of fresh air for me. Group Gift of September it comes in ALL COLORS...every single color your little heart can take.

H.E.D came out with these new booties, Hud Scripted booties I might add. " Anjolie " are mesh booties that comes in brown. grey and green with a click on a button. Many other possibilities are there for your adventuring.


EARS: Auxiliary
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc.
SKIN: BBC * The Arcade *
HAIR: TRUTH * Group Gift *
EARRINGS: MonCheri * The Arcade *
CARDIGAN: Tulip * The Arcade *

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