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Saturday, October 20, 2012

In wonderland...

I thought I would take this time to show you these peep-toe pumps from [ trs ] that will be avaliable 22nd of October for Perfect Wardrobe. They come with a HUD that has a skin texture and toe nail color texture ( 4 colors ).

Jaci came out with new makeup colors..\0/..
Aeva//Heartsick has been able to put more items in their store along with brand new makeup's from the Jaci collections. I am currently wearing Sassy in color 1.

:: The Black Market ::

[ SAKIDE ] - Knitted Outfit - Used Shirt comes with a skirt
I absolute love the one arm shirt, I took it from the Knitted Outfit and made it this cute pant outfit.

Tenjin - Automatic Flowers - Faded and Fresh

EARS: [Auxiliary]
NAILS: Sexy Mama
NECKLACE: Violent Seduction
PANTS: [trs]
SHIRT: [ SAKIDE ] * The Black Market *
TATTOO: Tenjin * The Black Market *
SKIN: Aeva//Heartsick *NEW*
SHOES: [trs ] * Pre Item Perfect Wardrobe *
HAIR: Magika
BADGE: Sn@tch ( will be blogging some Resting Place Pulse Game Prizes )

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