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Monday, October 1, 2012


Pixel Snobs- Empire Mini Harvest - Mesh in 5 sizes
Very cute orange-ish dress with sunflower pattern on the trim.

Like I promised here is some snapshots of the purple ankle boots that were mentioned in my last post. 50L to join the VIP Pretty Liars group and you get these cute boots as a welcome gift.

Pink-Insidious - Princess Mode Wretched- Poses 
Comes with 6 poses 

Sugar & Cyanide - Autumn Poncho - Mesh
I love ponchos and this is the first time I ever owned one on Sl.
"Ever like saying the word Poncho...Ponnnchhooo"

Phoebe - Zoe Bangles
Comes with 2 for both arms, like the layer'd look.


SKIN: Pinkfuel
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
TATTOO: [trs]

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