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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hanging with Crows

"I do apologize for having such small feet T. T ( aka I forgot to resize my shoes )"

Started today and I had to pick up this awesome skirt netted outfit from Sugar & Cyanide called "Scorpio " it is mesh and comes in 7 sizes!!  

PinkFuel- As promised these are the rest of the goodies from the 20L treats box:
Halloween Doughnut
Cutie Crown
Elly Pumpkin skin.

Plus underneath is a cheapie Chibi Halloween wings, which are so kawaii and I needed them.

"I love simple tattoos that have a statement and doesn't cover every inch of my body. "

I can honestly say I have fallen madly in love with [trs]'s " Leg Rosary " tattoo. It makes me think I am wearing a stocking of sort and it makes me feel like a bad ass when I paired it up with also newbie " Love or Hate " tattoo. God look at my back, so cool ^ _ ^

Leg Rosary tattoo can be found for 50L at the I Love Sl Fashion event 


All Poses by Olive Juice
SHOES: Retro
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
HAIR: Magika

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