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Monday, November 26, 2012

Forgotten Closet & [trs]

~Sassy!~ - Urban Pikachu Tanktop
So cute and stylish, I put a bottom corset underneath it so my side boob didn't cause a commotion.

Nani - Poses - Lazy Sunday
Duo Pose for a slumber partying, tired girls
Relaxin ( Below picture )- A pillow with texture and pose change

Brand new Skinnies that are available my favorite is by " Pebble " a off whiteish color along with the other colors Apple, Blueberry and Blush.



TOP: 1 Hundred
BOTTOM: 1 Hundred
COLLAR: :Hebenon Vial:
HAIR: Burley 


PIERCING: Hebenon Vial
CORSET: Sn@tch
MAKEUP: Corvus
SOCKS: [NoRe!]
TATTOO: [trs]
OVERSHIRT: ~Sassy!~ - Pikachu * Forgotten Closet *
PANTS: [trs] - Skinnies - Pebble * NEW*
HAIR: Magika - Quote
POSES by: Nani * Forgotten Closet *

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