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Monday, November 12, 2012


 :: ++BLUEBLOOD++ ::

Today's post is just to show off this new outfit by ++BLUEBLOOD++ called "Hikaru" which comes in the standard palette of Teal,Black,Red,Purple,Pink. Beautifully hand drawn, mesh and super cute.


MASKS: *!t - Dead Veil
BREATH: - Winter Breath
NAILPOLISH: Rezlpsa Loc - Orange You Glad
NECKLACE: [LP] - Kusje Choker
HORNS: ::{Favole}:: - Das Verdammte
TAIL: Juju Neximus - Demon Tail
RINGS: KOSH - Olen Ring
BOOTS: Smexy- Black Leather
TIGHTS: ++BB++ - Elvira Tights
SKIN: [Matrioska] - Cheshire Skin/Makeup
DRESS: ++BB++ - Hikaru *NEW*
HAIR: Magika - Little 
POSES by: Everglow

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