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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bio Hazard

This week they're is a lot of nice things going around this festive season..So I am gonna dive right in..

Has put out more skins from the Yveys line. I am currently wearing " Adored " in number two. It is a suddle eye makeup with an awesome ruby red lip..comes with the normal teeth,boob bounce and other goodies to add on to the skin.

My bestfriend and I found a new store called +Half-Deer+ not only did we indulge to the max with their gachas we also bought some cute tattoos as well including this " collarbone antler " tattoo, which was pretty cheap. This store is a definite go back...I am so loving the antlers this season it seems..

This is the first installment of Beusy I am able to blog and I am super infatuated with it, these leggings are unlike any I have seen and they make me super happy. " Dripping Leggings " comes in two layers for each color ( Bubblegum, Slime, Saliva and Jam ). They go up to knee length and a very vibrant in color as well.

I was able to snatch up with group gift by Corvus called " Poisonous " not only is this dress perfectly made for the winter weather, it also has a hazard dangerous decal on the dress itself. This dress comes with a face tattoo, and of course if you buy everything from Corvus like I do you know her makeup's are morbid and wonderful ( face below ). All her stuff is pretty cheap so I know you guys will be able to find something of your liking from Corvus.


BOW: Kennedy's
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
HAIR: Magika
TATTOO+Half-Deer+ - Antler Tattoo * NEW To Me *
SKIN: Aeva - Yveys - Adored * NEW*
LEGGINGS: Beusy - Dripping Slim * NEW*
DRESS: Corvus - Poisonous * Group Gift/Gift *

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