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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forgotten Closet:: Hippie Haul

Check out the information below to get an awesome part of this bi weekly Forgotten Closet with the theme " Hippie "


HAIR: Wishbox
HAIR: =DeLa*=
SKIN: Al Vulo
SHIRT: Pink Sugah - Foxy Lady * Forgotten Closet *
NAILS: :Z.S: - Rainbow Nails * Forgotten Closet *
RINGS: :Z.S: - Rainbow Rings * Forgotten Closet *
PIERCINGS: :Z.S: - Rainbow Piercings  * Forgotten Closet * (modded )
BELLBOTTOMS: Pretty Liar - Peace&Love * Forgotten Closet *
BANGLES: Pomposity - Colored Metallic Bangles * Forgotten Closet *

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