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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Library Person

My style is a bit weird and different, I am sorry if you don't agree ^_^

BeautyCode - Blue Crystal Loop Earrings
They are big, bold, blue and beautiful 

[ZD] - Batwing cardi
This awesome teal cardigan that is completely mesh.

{Co*Motion} - Ice Skating Queen
( bottom picture ) More pictures to come
Beautiful moves girl!..lol

Pomposity - Misty Rainbow Bracelets 
2 parts to each side, beautiful stone colors.

:: Grenade Free Wednesday ::

Pretty Liar - Let it Snow Dress
A mesh dress with snowflake print? Yes please.
Gorgeous mesh and comes with a red counterpart called " First Snow "


GLASSES: Artilleri 
NECKLACE: Concrete Flowers
RING: :::LP:::
MAKEUP: Corvus
SHOES: Berries Inc.
EARRINGS: Beautycode * Designer Circle *
CARDIGAN: [ZD] * Designer Circle *
BRACELETS: Pomposity * Forgotten Closet *
DRESS: Pretty Liar *GFW*
SKIN: Mother Goose
POSES: {Co*Motion} * Designer Circle *

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