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Thursday, December 13, 2012

[trs] and DC Haul

Beautycode - Ice Moon Loop Earrings 
These earrings are absolutely beautiful which pairs up with any outfit. 

{Co*Motion} - Snap*shots
This awesome pack will keep you on your toes with 5 poses to choose from.

Kennedy's - Cross Necklace and Mini Skirt
A fabulous mini skirt that is mesh and different sizes to choose from as well as this stunning necklace cross piece that comes with chest or spine options.


Some nice things to show from [trs] this week...

Tights!! I love tights and this week [trs] has put out a bunch of snuggly warm seeking tights in the colors:: Coal, Ice Blue, Petal and Snow.

Also.. for the Fashion Quotes event [trs] made an outfit special including a graphic " LMAO" tanktop and blueberry skinnies.

( Tad bit nibbley )


RINGS: Zombie Suicide
JACKET: 1 Hundred.
MAKEUP: Corvus
SHOES: Smexy
SKIN: Aeva//Heartsick
TANKTOP: [trs] * Fashion Quotes *
TIGHTS: [trs] 
EARRINGS: BeautyCode * Designer Circle *
NECKLACE: Kennedys * Designer Circle *
SKIRT: Kennedy's * Designer Circle *
POSES: {Co*motion} * Designer Circle *

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