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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colored Bunny

[M] - Ankle boots
These cute ankle boots come with a changeable hud for many different customization possiblites, also comes with many different sizes for the perfect fit.

WoW Skins - Roxanne 
6 different makeups to choose from, 2 shapes to try out and of course those appliers we love.
Each fullpack is only 500L for a limited time only.

( " Whitey " as I call him comes from the new event called Genre )

[Sakide] - Vintage Glam Panties
I am in love with these new panties for the Perfect Wardrobe event comes in Pink, Lavender and Blue.
Mesh bottoms and has a applier for you big boobie women.

.::Delusions::. - Candy Dots Tattoo
This is one of the most unique tattoos I have seen in awhile and comes in many vibrant colors: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple.


NECKLACE: Cute Bytes
HORNS: +Half-Deer+
RINGS: Zombie Suicide 
SKIN: WoW Skins - Roxanne -*NEW*
BOOTS: [M] - Ankle Boots *NEW*
TATTOO: .::Delusions::. - Candy Dots *Perfect Wardrobe*
OUTFIT: [Sakide] - Vintage Glam Panties * Perfect Wardrobe*
NECK STUDS: +Half-Deer+
BUNNY EARS: +Half-Deer+
HAIR: Alice Project - Steph