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Monday, January 7, 2013

Cutesy Lingerie

One of those days boys and girls..

Today is naked day for me, very rarely I make blogs in lingerie but today is one of those special days where I am just like...NAKED~!

So I have two new pieces from the BeWbApAlOoZa event.

[QE] - Cutesy Lingerie - This cute dark pink dot set is gonna set your man's heart on fire, with it's prim/mesh boob applier and many layers to put over and under your clothes. ( Some people may do that :o ) It also comes with hip bows ( not shown ) which are modify-able. 

Bazookas - Sweetheart Lingerie - I am in love with this cute light pink bra and pantie set, which appliers of course. Comes in varies of layers and absolutely love the threading on the front of the bra, it is sexy, sultry and a great buy.


HORNS: +Half-Deer+ 
MOUTH: [soap]
LINED MAKEUP: -Sorry.Asia-
HAIR: .ploom.
HEELS: Pretty Liar
SKIN: Al Vulo
LINGERIE 1 ( Pink w/ Dots ) - [QE] - Cutesy Lingerie * BEWBAPALOOZA*
LINGERIE 2 ( Light Pink ) - Bazookas - Sweetheart *BEWBAPALOOZA*