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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cool Story Bro ( DC haul )

This entry is gonna be a bit " wordy " skip to the end to see the credits, if you do not like to read that it ^_^

:: Designer Circle ::

Phoebe - Unisex Face Piercings - Can wear in the usual places nose, mouth and chin and scripted to change color with a click/drop menu. Phoebe is the only Piercing place I have enjoyed this much besides [ni.ju].

Eyelure - Pouty Mouth - Famous for makeup and I also am sponsored by this brand, I can also say that her makeup is beautiful, professional and playful, this week she creates a light to dark mouth palette in sultry colors.

blah.BLAH.blah - Thigh High Boots - I did not get to swatch the other color boots but these little cuties come in a velvet black and a thick cream ( thick *giggles* ). Of course they are mesh and they are awesome , will definately use them in another post to come.

{Co*Motion} - 5 Poses - "I am an elegant model " - Never know what to say about poses, I do however know there is a lot of arm movement in this pack. Lets just let the top picture show you how I move. 

HollyHood - Cutie Boots - I am in love love love with these boots and of course the two colors featured in the Designer Circle goes with NOTHING in my inventory, but I had to swatch them and show you the vibrancy of the colors and of course (* dies * ) Zebra!~
Blurb!! - HollyHood's Cutie Boots are 150L in her store, so you better go there to get more awesome colors which I will show you in another post to come ^^ 

Finally I can say that all this makeup is by my beautiful new sponsor Corvus.
Most of my looks on SL contain a Corvus eye makeup or face mod.
This weeks new item " Cruel Eye Makeup " which is a dark red bottom eyeliner and some black liner adjustments. It makes any look darker and sexy.

I am so excited to be blogging for another skin store, for me skins is what make up the entire outfit. I start with a skin and branch into....well whatever my mind can think of..
"Anais" is one of those breathtakingly skins that kind of goes with everything. ( currently wearing Anais- Tan - Natural ). Of course I will be doing more WoW skins post for this post does not do it much justice because of all the layers of makeup, I tend to pile ontop of a look. ( SO more excuses to make more looks with skin ^_^ )
Did I mention that most of their skins come with appliers?

I got to blog these cute little crop top shirts for Yulicie, I have tons of them ( well like 4 ) and will be making more outfits with them shortly, specially the Galaxias crop top which I could not find an appropriate bottom for it's pure awesomeness. The crop top I am currently wearing is called " Cool Story " which has a familiar look on it ( *cough*toystore*cough* ) if you did not notice. Very unique and awesome so I am sure I will wear this again in a future post.


CUFFS: SilentSparrow
UNDER SHIRT: Suicide Unborn
SKIRT: Suicide Unborn
HAIR: Wasabi Pills
GARTERS: *League*
CROP TOP: [y] * NEW*
POSES: {Co*Motion} * Designer Circle *
PIERCING: Phoebe * Designer Circle *
SHOES 1 ( main ) : Blah.Blah.Blah - Thigh High Boots * Designer Circle*
SHOES 2&3 ( 2nd pic ): HollyHood Creations * Designer Circle*
LIPSTICK: Eyelure - Pouty Pack * Designer Circle*
SKIN: WoW Skins - Anais - * NEW*