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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Me + U ( Insert hand gestures)

"Hello my fairy tale munchkins, this is my look for today it combines uniqueness and a lot of brown. To skip all the writing scroll to the bottom "

Wasabi Pills - Lumi 2 
So as everyone knows by now my love for mesh hair is pretty strong, so when I saw this simple beanie look by Wasabi Pills you butter believe I made it mine, I bought it in a brown pack and it comes with a hud to change varies parts of your beanie including button color. ( 250 L )

[Motivaction] - Mini Skirt w/ Straps
Every girl needs a good mini skirt and like I have said in previous [M] posts I love the fact her customization is right in front of you plain and simple. You click a button it changes color, I like that simplicity. It is mesh and the sizes range from XXS to Large.

My best friend told me about some skins that were a 1L special deal and of course I had to see for myself and I must admit these skins are pretty cute, not like the normal skins I use but I had to buy a couple and I am pretty happy with them. I believe if I remember 6 skins are displayed as 1L special..So get them while they are still there.

Just pAle - Clochard Jacket
I got these about a week ago and I never had an outfit to blog them with till now. They are gorgeous in patterns and well made but they are very unique in colors so I wanted to stick to very light shades. Comes in three colors from what I am aware and what I have in front of me...: Gentle Touch (wearing above),Blue Heart and Blue Romantic.

Yulicie - Shirts
I love graphic tees and these take the cake for Valentine's day humor. " I mustache you to be my valentine " & " me + you " comes in all shirt layers and there was a third shirt I had to show you but it was not working properly, but it is also a graphic Valentines tee.

HollyHood - Mona Lisa Boots
So these boots have me dead...that's right D.E.D dead..Lol 
I adore shoes and specially HollyHood shoes. These " Mona Lisa Boots " are available in vasts amount of colors. ( below is White Ali )


Mini Skirt - [M] -* NEW*
Coat - Just pAle* NEW*
Shirts -  [y]* NEW*
Shoes: HollyHood* NEW*
Skin - My Ugly Dorothy  -* 1 L Special *
Hair - Wasabi Pills* NEW*
Eyeshadow - Concrete Flowers 
Ring - Concrete Flowers 
Leggings - *League*
Antlers - [D]oki
Bracelets - +DV8+
Glasses - [bubble]