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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cupid's Bow

Pretty Liar - Stupid Cupid
This sexy one piece comes with so many cute cupid-y accessories it will make your head implode, I never loved an outfit more than this one and my friend LittleRen will agree. This outfit comes with a butt arrow, a bow and breast arrows. The bow itself is a mouse look shooter so watch out I will show my love arrows at you. 
WoW Skins - Group Gift
( left side ) I was able to snag this awesome Group Gift from WoW Skins which is a Skin/Lingerie combo, today I decided to blog the skin since I am not a big lingerie person, but it comes with an applier for those mesh bewbies. 

+>A&A<+ - GoGo Boots - Subscribo
I love these boots to death and not to mention by hitting the Adore&Abhor subscribo you get 10 pairs of gogo boots in different colors for FREE...they are also mesh, so quite a bargain.


Cupid Outfit plus Accessories - Pretty Liar - * Perfect Wardrobe *
Go Go Boots - A&A * Subscribo Gift *
Hair - [Action]
Skin - WoW Skins - * Group Gift *
Stockings - Happy Pencil