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Monday, February 25, 2013

Blueberry Suckie

I have tons of things to talk about when it comes to Pretty Liar this week. This store is featured in many cool new events that are on way. Consider these your early previews. 

Sloppy Pops are my new favorite, nom nom. They come in all these different flavors like Blueberry and Grape. ( 11 flavors all together ) They are an exclusive feature in the " Luck of the Irish " Gacha festival, So make sure to pick up your lovely ice pops.

Apart of the Whore Couture is some awesome apparel that are things I have personally always wanted. Two sets of ruffle skirts are available in plain colors and leopard print ( There is also a zebra print as well ). Also there is " Kaylee " boots in many shades ( 8 to be exact ) but I always am fond of the neutrals.

I also promised another look at the " Carnie " nails from Perfect Wardrobe..only they are a pretty blue now

Newest release from Corvus, in which I am infatuated with the upper part and have been looking for a mesh version for the textured version I already own. It comes with tank tops in many colors and sizes, but for now I show off the crop top. I love long sleeves. ^_^

Every girl needs a lucky shadow tee, maybe not luck but shadows yes. Fend off your inner shadow with one of Adore&Abhor tee's. It is not mesh so the layering options are endless, not to mention very unisex. The pictures do not do the shirt justice since my hair ended up covering the masterpiece. 

~Beauty Info~

Tee Shirt - Adore&Abhor *New*
Ice Pop - Pretty Liar * Luck of the Irish Gacha Festival *
Boots - Pretty Liar * Whore Couture*
Skirt - Pretty Liar * Whore Couture*
Crop Top - Corvus *New*
Nails - Pretty Liar * Perfect Wardrobe *
Ears - AUX
Glasses - Artilleri 
Antlers - Half-Deer
Necklace - P.i.X.X.i.S
Collar - Violent Seduction