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Friday, February 1, 2013

College is Cartoonie

 WoW Skins - Lucy & Lucy Makeup
So many new skins from WoW Skins have come out recently and here is another release called " Lucy " which comes in three different tones, plus shapes and those beautiful tango appliers, and is available at the new round of SL Fashion Week for 200L each skin selection/
Also available at the SL Fashion Week, WoW Skins has put out a makeup pack full of 3 eye shadow tones and 4 lipstick tones ( wearing lipstick #1 ) for 100L 

Pinku - Cartoonie Hearts 
Although this is not a new release I have to say I absolutely love it, and all of her cartoonie items which I will put in my blog periodically...I mean who doesn't want a heart bar on top of their head.. She does not have a store but a marketplace so you can still see all of her items..I also in the past have bought a bumper from Pinku and I am still using it to this day.

Dark Midday Designs  - " College Girl Sailor "
When I woke up this morning I was happy to find this cute outfit waiting for me and the chance to be able to blog it was so great that I squeed for about 3 minutes or so. ANYWAYS..This is the new release from Dark Midday Designs called  "College Girl Sailor Uniform" and a total of 6 colors to choose from: Black, Pink, Teal, Navy,Red and a Deep purple. ( 250L each color ). ( Blazer not apart of the outfit )


Skin - WoW Skins *SL Fashion Week*
Lipstick - WoW Skins *SL Fashion Week*
Hearts - Pinku * NEW*
Uniform - Dark Midday Designs* NEW*
Shoes - Dark Midday Designs 
Hair - Wasabi Pills
Stockings - Arsenic Lace 
Blazer - Spearsong