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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SUGAR & Spice

WoW Skins - Justine
Another new skin from the infamous WoW Skins. Comes with the whammy 5 makeups, shapes and that ever so loveable bewbie applier.

Beusy - Leo Pointe Bustier
This is by far my favorite things made this week by Beusy and it comes in Bronze, Gold and Silver to show off those lovely lumps. ( wearing silver )

SUGAR - Panel Underbust Corset
Another beautiful corset set by Sugar, comes in lots of colors and patterns. Everyone needs a good mesh corset in their life and this is one that takes the prize.

Dark Midday Designs - " Midday " Super High Legwarmer Pumps
I have never met a pair of shoes like this before in my life. I have always wanted these shoes and now I can say they are mine, I am aware their is a new release of these pumps with the ruffles on the top and bottom but I wanted to stay classy and show off the original. The Hud is amazing, customization is all over the place so you can pretty much change everything about it. I love love love it.


Skin - WoW Skins - *NEW*
Heart - Pinku
Bustier - Beusy *NEW*
Corset - SUGAR*NEW*
Tattoo - Delusions *Perfect Wardrobe *
Shoes - DMD*NEW*
Stockings - Happy Pencil
Scar - Corvus