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Friday, February 15, 2013

Forever is a lie

Today is a rather short post..Hope you enjoy!.
Yulicie - Yummy
This is a new hair by the wonderful Yulicie store. It is indeed prim but I did not have any problems with it and it will be a wonderful edition to my hair craze. Comes in many different color packs including Roots and Rainbow which are famous around my parts. 

Aeva//Heartsick - Anti Valentine's Dresses
If your like me I didn't have a Valentine, but kind gestures were offered to me to make the day go on strong. Anti Valentine's Dresses were pretty awesome to me for some reason. The dresses they created are simple and I enjoy them.. Comes in variety of sayings and graphics, like the one I am wearing called " Forever "..it is a simple black long dress that says " Forever is a lie " on it. This dress is a 10L promo so be sure to grab it before it is gone. Other styles include: Barbed, Damaged, Locked and Shattered. 

Beauty Info

Hair - [y] *New*
Dress - Aeva/Heartsick *New*
Stockings - Happy Pencil
Glasses - Rotten Toe
Teeth- Shine
Ears - Half-Deer

( a picture of me and my friend playing Greedy last night ) ^_^