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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Koala Cuppycake

Corvus - Tattoo
" Heartless " a tattoo well fitting my mood and makes this cute like avatar have a deeper meaning, comes in 3 different layers for multiple outfits.

HollyHood - Animal Beanies
My little heart almost died for these beanies, I love anything to do with ears, horns and the list can go on and on but it would take away from this cute Koala bear MESH hat. The only problem I have with this beanie indeed is it being rigged mesh which means it does not move, I was not able to do much with it so instead I had to find a hair that comes close to fitting it. I do love it to pieces and it comes with 3 other critters as well: Frog, Bear and Panda.

[PrettyLiar] - Jammie's
Today was my comfortable day and these Jammie's are super comfortable and has a lovely print on them for this upcoming Valentine's day. Both sections of the outfit require an alpha layer ( or it has a full layer ) and both top/bottom come in sizes XS to XL. These Jammie's are located in the Perfect Wardrobe so go and grab your own cotton softness.

Eyelure - Lipgloss 
I know you can't really see it too well but Eyelure has created some beautiful lip glosses in many shades of pink. I am currently wearing " Pink Glow " which gives it a vibrant pink tint but there is some darker to nude colors as well for endless possibilities. These lip glosses are located in the Designer Circle.

Pick Up Here

Tattoo - Corvus *NEW*
Animal Beanies - HollyHood *NEW*
LipGloss - Eyelure *Designer Circle*
Jammies - Pretty Liar *Perfect Wardrobe*
Hair - !lamb.
Paws - Pinku
Poses - PinkFuel